It’s the little things…

Have you ever heard the phrase, “It’s the little things…” which is usually followed by words of happiness or encouragement. For me, it’s a statement to show others that I love something and why. Today is my 7th wedding anniversary with my best friend. He’s been by my side for over 10 years and he still makes me happy.

I don’t love him because we are married or he spoils me. He’s not providing for me. We are a partnership and I provide for him too. We are in it together. But sometimes, we don’t say we love you enough or show it. We do drift through life because we are human. But I always know he loves me because of the little things…

Little things like:

– He makes me breakfast.

– He always wants a hug when he comes home.

– He makes plans around my business schedule.

– He notices little details that I’ve changed.

– He wants my advice.

– He checks in to make sure I’m ok, even while knowing I’m introverted, independent and really need space.

– He knows how to make me laugh and stops when asked.

– He loves my cold feet in the summer and wraps them up in the winter.

– He makes sure I have a glass of water before bed because I’ll probably break a toe getting water in the middle of the night.

– He is eager to share his day with me, all of it.

– Never hesitates to smile at me, especially when I’m mad or hurt.

These are all little things that are seemingly insignificant but mean the world to me. I know I miss them when he’s gone on work or hunting trips. These things are often looked over as a nice gesture or things he should always do, but they’re worth so much to me.

Today, on our 7th wedding anniversary, he didn’t buy me jewelry. Usually he doesn’t buy me flowers but he did this time. Keeping me on my toes haha! But my favorite gift was this frame he conned me into picking out for his mom’s birthday but it was really for me. He selected a penny for each of the years of our lives and the milestones that have impacted us the most. It’s a truly amazing gift and I’m surprised he came up with it. It’s not like him. He usually just takes me to a wonderful dinner and we will gift each other something we’ve been wanting or needing. One of those, “Happy Anniversary, pick out the one you want” type gifts.

Something so sentimental and simple is just amazing to me. I can’t wait to give him the biggest hug when I get home from work. Dinner is great but I’m good with the time we have together, no matter where we go, what we eat or who we are with. As long as he holds my hand occasionally and doesn’t stop loving me, I’ll always see it in the little things and that’s all I need.

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